Bootleg Radio . . . a true story


R F N, Radio Free Naptown, still lives in the hearts and memories of the youth who created this pirate radio station. These airwave bootleggers broadcast programming so successful that WRFN showed up in the rating books, rivaling licensed radio stations.

To understand what that meant, you have to go back to a time before social media, the internet, and even cell phones.

It was late 1963
The youth of Indianapolis were restless. The music on local radio was safe and stale.
Pirate radio start-ups found common ground and by 1968 combined talent and resources to "do radio as good as we can."
The concept that was to become Radio Free Naptown created a format based on alternative underground music as performed by groups not heard on Top-40 radio plus album cuts of some Top-40 artists.

This website is dedicated to keeping the WRFN memory alive.
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