Bootleg Radio . . . a true story


In 1968, bootleg radio stations in the Indianapolis area combined talent and resources to "do radio as good as we can."
A three-studio complex in the basement of a Broad Ripple house would be RFN's home base. In short order, new studios, equipment and a 50 watt AM transmitter were on line and working.

Starting with AM broadcasts on weekends and holidays, Radio Free Naptown's regular underground bootleg programming became a refined, smoothly integrated variety of musical styles, and technically the best sounding station in Indy. The station operated on both AM and FM adhering to FCC engineering standards, lacking only a license, and was on the air for 7 years as a high quality, organized radio station.
(We are working on a complete illustrated history of WRFN.)

WFBM, then owned by Time-Life Broadcasting, estimated the WRFN listenership at over 10,000, which placed the station 4th in an 18 station market. RFN's end came because of its success.

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